Audiobook Reviews: Against all odds

The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944
By Rick Atkinson

Reviewed by Jeffrey Martin, G&P Trucking company driver
Listening Time: 9.5 hours
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Retail Price: $39.95
Genre: Nonfiction, war

Plot: This is a true story about the battles for Sicily and Italy from 1943-44 that the American and British armies were not supposed to win. Figures making appearances in the story’s retelling include everyone from Churchill to Roosevelt, McArthur to Patton, as well as many Nazi generals that fought against us. This is a great book about the struggles the Allied armies had to overcome to rid Italy and Sicily of the German armies – the strategies and deployments of the troops, the weapons they used, the arrival by sea to land in Sicily.
If you are a person who loves war history, you will love The Day of Battle. This book is filled with so much you may have to listen to it twice.

What was your favorite scene? My favorite parts are about Patton and how great his strategies were.

Which character was your favorite? I always liked Patton, so naturally he was my favorite.

What was the book’s message or theme? No matter how hopeless things may seem at the time, through determination you can be successful.

What did you like or dislike? I liked the way the story flowed and that it was very easy to follow.

Would you recommend this book to friends? Yes, especially to those who enjoy military history.

Describe the narrator. Rick Atkinson, the author, also was the narrator. He did a good job of keeping your attention and spoke in a manner that was relaxing.

What would you rate this book? A

The Lucky One – by Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed by Jeffrey Martin, G&P Trucking company driver
Listening Time: 9 hours
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Retail Price: $39.98
Genre: Mystery, romance

Plot: The Lucky One is a story of true destiny, the tale of a lucky photo and the role the photo plays in saving a soldier’s life. Logan, a third-tour soldier in Iraq, finds a picture of a woman on the ground in the war zone. Logan figures a soldier was carrying this family picture of his sister and lost it during a battle. Logan keeps it in his pocket. During this time, his life is spared from battle, exploding land mines and more a total of 11 times. His friend Victor tells Logan this picture is a good-luck charm and when Logan finishes his tour he should seek out the woman in the photo to thank her and to repay her in some way for the luck the picture brought him. Victor says it is Logan’s true destiny to eventually fulfill this mission when he meets Elizabeth. This is a well-written and well-told story that will captivate you and cause you to cheer for the destiny of love.

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What was your favorite moment? There are many scenes in this book that are great. I like when Logan meets Elizabeth’s grandmother, Nanna. She has a great Southern way of telling it like it is with some of her own made-up sayings. Every time Nanna is mentioned is a real hoot.

Which character was your favorite? Of course, Logan is the hero of the story and you like to hear about him, for Logan is a man of many talents and is clever in his ways in dealing with Elizabeth’s brother, the sheriff of a small North Carolina town. Also I liked Nanna for her wit.

What was the book’s message or theme? The book stresses following your heart and never giving up the search for your destiny and love in life.

What did you like or dislike? I liked the flow of the book and the humor that was part of it. I disliked the fact that you could tell what was going to happen next. It was too obvious.

Would you recommend this book to friends? Yes. Mainly because it is good listening and captures your heart, makes you want to find out what happens in the end.

Describe the narrator. John Bedford Lloyd did a great job in his narration of the book. He kept it lively with changes in his voice as different characters spoke.

What would you rate this book? A

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