Driver of the Month: Anthony Albert

Strong Memories

Crete driver built long-lasting tie with children via carrier’s rider policy

When Anthony Albert, 54, of North Salt Lake, Utah, began driving for Crete Carrier in 1990, he was fully aware of the company’s rider policy, which allowed children to ride with drivers. As a father of two, this provided an unconventional method for him to spend more time with his children while on the road.

Albert approached his wife, Val, about home-schooling their daughter and taking her on the road with him one year.

“When speaking with my wife about this idea, my daughter asked my wife, ‘Well how will I learn geography?’ And my wife would say, ‘Just look out the window,’” Albert says. So during the 1991-92 school year, Albert took his then-13-year-old daughter for the ride of her life.

“Home-schooling had its challenges, but it was rewarding,” Albert says. “My daughter went on to excel in school, so it was a worthwhile year, and we couldn’t do it without Crete’s rider policy.”

Crete’s rider policy has changed over the years and has offered a bigger perk for Albert, because now Crete allows grandchildren to ride, too. “Now, I have my grandkids with me in the truck in the summer,” Albert says. “The grandkids seem to enjoy it. They do things in the back of the truck like watch movies, read books, and they like getting to eat a lot of different foods.”

A big family man, Albert would never have guessed these treasured memories with his family would come from the road. He turned to trucking in the mid-1980s when he found himself in need of a job. “Basically I had a friend that ran tankers in Los Angeles who wanted to train someone from scratch,” Albert says. “I used to be in construction and sales but was out of work at that time, so it worked out that I started driving tanks.”

Albert signed on with Crete in 1991 and says he feels like he is part of a bigger picture. “It is just the idea of being part of the picture, of the broad picture, by hauling here, there and everywhere,” Albert says. “I feel like I’m a part of the economic apparatus through transportation.”

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With Crete, Albert has been named driver of the month numerous times and was driver of the year in 1993. Albert’s terminal manager, Janell King, says, “I think the world of him as a person and a professional truck driver. He is very considerate and very in tune with his environment, so he does a wonderful job.”

King has worked with Albert for 12 years. “He is a very honorable, respectful person,” King says. “We think he’s truly a professional truck driver. He’s had 18 years safe driving with this company. He carries that word professional to exactly what it means.”

The American Trucking Associations also awarded Albert with a 10-year accident-free award in 2000.

Albert says the key to being a good truck driver is to “balance safety, because of safety points, with the miles, and things will work out as long as the freight arrives on time.”

When not on the road, Albert enjoys spending time with his four grandchildren and doing things around the yard. He says he also likes to relax and watch an occasional movie. Albert also loves classic country music, especially Johnny Cash, and says one of his favorite movies is “Walk the Line.”

Looking at his own life, Albert says he is happy to be with Crete and has no plans to retire any time soon.

Q & A

Q: What is something you always take with you on the road?

A: I take my books, historical and political books.

Q: What is your favorite state that you’ve traveled to?

A: Pennsylvania. My dad is from Pennsylvania.

Q: What’s some advice you have for other truckers?

A: I would say to not get in the habit of following vehicles too close. That seems minor, but it’s very important. You have to facilitate the flow of traffic. When traffic stops suddenly, you have nowhere to go.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Chili.