Sprint teams with Paccar trucks

Sprint on Jan. 14 announced its involvement in partnerships to provide mobile connectivity with Kenworth Truck Co. and Peterbilt Motors Co. for their respective Kenworth NavPlus and Peterbilt SmartNav proprietary navigation and business technology systems for the companies’ Class 5-8 trucks. 

Sprint’s Connected Transportation technology is designed to help companies solve complex challenges by reducing emissions and fuel costs; lowering out-of-route miles; supporting energy/smart grid technologies; and helping reduce distracted driving by making fleet operators aware of reckless driving behavior.

As the core development partner, Sprint is integrating cellular network connectivity into the Peterbilt SmartNav. The in-dash technology system utilizes a high-resolution 7-inch touch-panel display, while the in-dash Kenworth NavPlus technology system utilizes a high-resolution 7-inch color screen and 8 gigabytes of memory. Together, navigation and business systems will be provided with vehicle connectivity services for drivers to use easily and safely while traveling. When a truck is not in motion, the driver will be able to access the Internet and send and receive e-emails to enhance communications with dispatchers, logistics providers and shippers. The Sprint connectivity service is available as an option.

SmartNav and NavPlus also include hands-free phoning with Bluetooth, back-up camera options, vehicle data and audio controls, including satellite radio, AM/FM, CD, MP3 and USB. When launched in 2011, Peterbilt SmartNav and Kenworth NavPlus will become standard on Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks, respectively, with all premium interior trim offerings and on diesel-electric hybrid vehicles; the system also will be available as an upgrade on any Peterbilt standard trim package. SmartNav and NavPlus were developed on the Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive 7 software platform.