Wentz wins Truckers News photo contest

Owner-operator (with her husband, Tom) Diane Wentz of Orefield, Pa., is the winner of Truckers News’ January big-tent themed “trucks” photo contest with this view, shot at Avila Beach, Calif., over the hood of their 2007 Peterbilt 379 and custom horse ornament waiting to unload a transformer at a power station.  

Since the 2007-08 downturn put a dent in the Wentzes’ American Saddlebred horse stabling and show business (www.wentzstables.com), Diane, a fine-arts major in college, has taken to photography to exercise her creative side on the road hauling stepdeck freight leased to Pittsburgh-based Reinsfelder. “The power station,” she says of their January 2010 delivery point where this picture was taken, “has 10-12 acres of private land and the marina is right below it. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s probably the best trip we ever had.”

Wentz receives a copy of Harold Davis’ Creative Night: Digital Photography Tip & Techniques, in addition to publication in the March edition of Truckers News, as prize.

Photo at Avila Beach, Calif. by Diane Wentz

The mammoth snows that blanketed the country’s midsection came just in time for the launch of Truckers News’ “Winter” themed February contest – hosted via the magazine’s Flickr.com group. The February prize, in addition to publication in the April edition of Truckers News, is a copy of “The Digital SLR Expert: Landscapes,” a book coauthored by five different landscape photographers who break down landscape concerns into five primary areas: controlling exposure, understanding light, black-and-white landscapes, composition and scouting locations.

TO ENTER the February “Winter” contest:
1. Join The Photographer: Truckers News Photo Group by logging into Flickr.com, creating a personal account (if you’re not already registered) and joining the group at http://flickr.com/groups/truckersnews.
2. Post your appropriately themed, high-resolution (around 1,500 by 900 pixels minimum will be needed to be published in the magazine) photo to the Flickr.com group pool by midnight Feb. 28. (Alternately, you may email to Todd Dills at [email protected] if you’re having difficulty posting.)
3. Send an email with your full name, location/mailing address and your trucking business’ profile in brief (who you drive for or whether you run on your own authority as an owner-operator) to Todd Dills at [email protected] — include “photo contest” in the subject line and a link to the original Flickr location of your entered picture as well. You may enter up to three pictures on the theme.

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