Kicked to the curb!

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Dear Carolyn,

Where do you get off telling my boyfriend he needs to kick me to the curb? You have no idea what I put up with. You think you are so smart?  You try living with a self-centered, lazy, rude, man-child who doesn’t bathe as often as he should. Throw in a mama’s boy who can’t find the ice cubes in the freezer, a dog hater, bad driver, road rager womanizer and see how long you last!

I’m just say’n,


Dear Tessa,

I never promise my advice is worth more than what you pay for it. However, may I suggest one tiny thing without you typing back at me in that tone of voice? I don’t think you and man-child are good together. His flaws alone makes me want to shower. Add your contempt and gerneral angriness and I think the curb is a good place to start. Throw him, throw his stuff, throw yourself. It matters not to me.

I’m just say’n