Trashing the ex!

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Dear Carolyn,

My new boyfriend constantly runs down his former girlfriend. He talks trash about her and compares everything I do to how she did it.  I’ve never met the poor woman but it makes me a little uneasy. Why can’t he just enjoy my good side without having to tell me how terrible she was?  Do you think he’s protesting a bit too much?


Dear Janet,

Pay close attention to this. How he talks about her is how he will talk about you. If you are okay with that—carry on. If not, I’d scoot out of there as fast as you can.  Even if she was the wicked witch of the west, she’s not there to defend herself.   He seems somewhat obsessed with her; flaws and all.  Doth he protest too much? Dunno. But he’s certainly no gentleman.

I’m just say’n

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