Got the breaking up blues

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Dear Carolyn, 

My girlfriend went back to her ex-boyfriend last week. It was a huge shock to me and I never saw it coming. She says she tried to tell me that she wasn’t over him but honestly, I can’t recall having that conversation. I know I shouldn’t call, email, text and drive by her house all the time. She is telling friends that I’m stalking her. Can you help me? I’m so angry about this and can’t figure out how to make it better.  If I could improve myself, she might come back to me.


Dear Zach,

First, stop stalking. Seriously. You. Must.Stop. Now. Delete her number from your phone, defriend her from Facebook and do not ever drive past her house again. Okay? Because it sounds like stalking to me too.

Next, you have to channel your anger. All you are doing with that rage is hurting yourself. Like shooting your own foot to teach her a lesson. I don’t know if you have had anger issues in the past or if this is your first rodeo. Either way, I’m shaking my finger at you and ordering you to go for a walk, take in a movie, call your mom, anything other than sitting there in a seething rage. If that is insuffecient to make you stop, you must seek professional help.

As far as improving yourself in order to win her back? Nope. You have my permission to work on any character flaws you would like to work on. But not with the intent of winning her back. She’s gone. Buh bye.

I’m just say’n,


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