Healthy Living is a Process



I was listening to ESPN Radio the other day when something caught my attention. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was asked if he was nervous about breaking Dan Marino’s passing record. His response caught me off guard: “No,” he said. He trusts in the process. Follow the process in the game, and the results will take care of themselves.

Trucking is a results-oriented business. Loads have to be delivered on time and in good condition to their customers. We get it done every day. Those loads don’t just show up. Shippers have to call a trucking company. The trucking company has to agree on a rate and schedule a truck. That truck has to be maintained. The company needs a well-trained professional driver to deliver the load to the customer. The customer has to know when to expect the load. Skip any step in that process, and something bad will happen.

There is a process when working toward good health. Eat well. Drink at least a half-gallon of water a day. Exercise wisely, at least 150 minutes a week. Don’t smoke. Moderate or cut out the unhealthy stuff. Don’t drink too much caffeine. Get your proper rest. We know the process.

The shelves are filled with weight-loss products. There is always a diet of the week. Someone lost 50 pounds in a month by taking a pill or following a fashionable diet. Any fly-by-night operation can get a load delivered. Maybe they can do it faster or cheaper by taking shortcuts, but they won’t last. It happens all the time.

Believe in the process. Shortcuts don’t last in the trucking business or our health. Don’t get discouraged. Doing the right thing the right way works best in the long run. It takes faith: either when we temporarily lose business to a fly-by-night operation or when results don’t come on our schedule. Do the right thing the right way to achieve long-term success.

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