Facebook bragging

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Dear Carolyn,

I have a friend who is always bragging on Facebook. She posts pictures of her fabulous life, awesome boyfriend, expensive vacations and newest purchases. I’m barely making it as a single mother of two kids. I drive a truck to pay the bills and would love to walk in her stilettoes for a day or two! I have considered “de-friending” her but outside of Facebook, I like her and she’s been a good friend over the years. Why do people feel like they need to show off their good fortune when so many are struggling?



Dear Kay,

Consider the possibility that she’s just enthusiastic about her life and unaware that it bothers you when she posts about her fabulous life. Another possibility is that she feels compelled to present an image that may or not may not be accurate

Instead of “defriending,” just ignore the status updates and get on with your busy life. You can’t control what she does but you can control how you react to it. Work on the art of not being impressed. I’ve always believed that if you have to talk about what you have, you are covering for what you have not.,


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