Corny pick-up line that worked

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Dear Carolyn,

My husband used a corny pick-up line when we first met. Here’s one for your collection.

Hubby to be: Can I have directions?

Me: To where?

Hubby to be: To your heart.

I know, lame as can be but I fell for it! Just so you know, we’ve been married 32 years!


Dear Jane,

Oh, I’m a sucker for a corny pick-up line! They take courage and also a twinkle in the eye. There’s a big difference between being amused and intrigued by an obvious pick-up line and being creeped out by a creepy one. Usually, it has to do with the delivery. Always be slightly embarrassed you are using a line, smile and look hopeful.  

Have you ever used a corny pick-up line? Send em on!