State of isolation is no place to dwell

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Dear Carolyn,

I just went through a tough divorce and am now single and lonely. I feel hopeless about ever meeting a good woman who can put up with the stress of loving a trucker. There’s nothing to look forward to in my life.

I know I need professional help, but how am I supposed to fit my long-haul schedule into the 9-5 schedule of my local shrink? It was hard enough making my court date for the divorce.



Dear Jerry,

I hear ya. The aftermath of a breakup is a long lonely road, and it can feel like there’s no exit ramp. But I know this: You can survive this and come out stronger and better able to make the next relationship work.

Right now, in your current state of the serious blues, you need someone to talk to. I contacted therapist Buck Black, LCSW, LCAC, a licensed professional counselor ( who uses phone, Skype and email to reach out to truckers.

“Jerry makes a good point about the difficulty of getting help while on the road. His isolation adds to the misery,” Black says. “I recommend he make phone calls to friends and family and try to lift his spirits by listening to positive radio shows, podcasts, audiobooks and music while driving. Online counseling would be helpful.”

I suggest you follow his advice.

— Carolyn

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