Love’s unveils cardless fueling

Love’s Travel Stops launched radio-frequency identification (RFID) cardless fueling technology and Comdata’s financial processing software at their Pauls Valley, Okla., location. The company plans to continue to roll out the RFID software at all travel stop locations by the end of September. More than 100 of Love’s locations will have cardless fueling available for professional drivers by the end of August.

RFID automates the fueling process with the use of low-cost RFID tags in professional driver’s vehicles. The software and RFID equipment are designed to detect a truck’s RFID tags in the fueling lane and turn on dispensers wirelessly, with little or no driver data input. RFID technology saves time for professional drivers and offers a secure financial transaction. Pumps are automatically turned off by RFID software after a truck leaves the fueling bay, which can reduce fuel theft incidents.

In addition to completing a live customer transaction using Comdata, Love’s has successfully used DFConnect for cardless fueling transactions with their fuel tanker fleet for the past year.

Love’s is currently working with Comdata, a leader in processing financial transactions, and QuikQ, the company that developed Fuel Island Manager software. Love’s has also successfully completed transactions using DFConnect processing and anticipates integrating additional billing card processors into the program.