67 ways to save on fuel

Updated Jul 10, 2013
Click the image above to see all 67 fuel tips.Click the image above to see all 67 fuel tips.

$4 a gallon diesel is the new normal, and that figure may be considered dirt cheap a few years from now.

A single mile per gallon gained is huge in savings terms. With diesel at $4 a gallon, an owner-operator averaging 6 mph and driving 120,000 miles a year will save $16,000 a year over one who averages 5 mph.

There’s no silver bullet or quick-fix solution to improving fuel economy. However, across the board changes and paying attention to several small gains can incrementally add up to some big savings.

To that end, Overdrive put together a comprehensive list last fall and dedicated a special page to it.

Fuel savings tips are broken down into six categories: Anti-idling, tires, driving strategy, aerodynamics, analyzing data and other. The whole list is available for free at OverdriveOnline.com/fuel-savings-tips. Click here to see them.

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