N.Y. indicts 11 DMV employees for CDL testing fraud

Updated Dec 18, 2013

Eleven employees of New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles have received indictments for participation in a fraudulent CDL testing scheme.  

Brooklyn’s U.S. District Court issued indictments Oct. 24 for 11 DMV security workers at five NYC-area centers. Applicants allegedly paid $1,800 to $2,500 for test answers and escort assistance through the DMV process.

The employees provided answers by furnishing applicants with pencils containing encoded information or by telling them the answer over Bluetooth headsets. They also acted as CDL test takers to help paying applicants during the test.

The indicted personnel were Marie Daniel, Joachim L. Pierre, Luc Desmangles, Tanael Daniel, Jose Payano, Dale Harper, Akmal Narzikulov, LaToya Bourne, Beayaeh Kamara, Firdavs Mamadaliev, and Inocente Rene’ Gonzalez.