Want to see the best-looking truck on the road?

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Updated Dec 9, 2013
Behold — “the best-looking truck on the road.”Behold — “the best-looking truck on the road.”

December is a crazy whirlwind for us this year. We’re off the road until January 6th, making the transition to new truck and company. George will be pulling for Landstar after the first of the year, in a 2004 Freightliner Coronado with a 13 speed DD60 that turns 700 hp and is, in my opinion, the best-looking truck on the road. She started life as a NASCAR hauler and has been treated extremely well by her recent past owner, Randy Fischer, who pulls flatbed for Long Haul. Randy made the upgrade to a 2007 Coronado, with a 132-inch sleeper berth, and while I am completely jealous of the shower and bathroom, I think his old truck is prettier. (Sorry Randy, but it’s black and red with flames. Seriously. How much more awesome could it be?)

We’re going to pick the truck up in Wisconsin and bring her home to Ohio, then turn right around and run to Virginia to see a rocket launch. We’ll make it home from there just in time for the boys to go see the Bengals-Vikings game we won tickets to while celebrating our daughter’s wedding a week ago at the local steakhouse.

I’m having my “Ladies Christmas Soiree” that day (which sounds fancy, but it’s a joke because all my friends know all that my soirees consist of is drinking a lot of wine and eventually eating Cheese Nips directly from the box). After that we’ve got a week to get things in order for the hoards of family coming from Georgia, Texas and North Carolina for Christmas. They leave five days before we have to pack up and show up for orientation at Landstar, and holy crap, I’ll be ready for the rest.

We’ll be rolling out the new year with a lot of new stuff, and we’re looking forward to it. There will be a lot more video and pictures — we’re finally hauling for a company we can not only mention but be proud to be associated with. The last company made it clear in no uncertain terms we were never allowed to mention them in public, which turned out to be OK with me, because I didn’t have anything good to say about them anyway. But it hindered a lot of video and such, because their name was plastered all over everything.

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Also, did I mention our new truck is so awesome we probably won’t be able to stop taking pictures and videos of it? It’s like the grandbaby pics people flip out of their wallet to show you when you’re having a casual conversation standing in the fuel line, only it’s a truck and not a cute kid. You can dig it.

Our lives are full and they are blessed and I try really hard to remember this every day. We have the opportunity to help the Mystic Storm Sisterhood from Hillsboro, Ohio, collect toys for their annual toy drive by posting info on our pages and taking some stuff down next weekend. It’s nice to know these toys go to little kids in our local area who wouldn’t have much otherwise. If you’re able or have an opportunity, get involved or donate this year with a local drive. The smaller organizations are the first to suffer when there are hard times, and that’s when they’re needed the most. If you need help, or know someone who does, there are still some services available. Most of them have a deadline for applications, and it’s usually around the 10th of December, so get on it. Check with your local Department of Family and Children’s Services or churches for lists and websites in your area.

As always, we appreciate the reads. It’s really nice of you to let us into your world for a few minutes, three times a week. I get as much satisfaction from one comment telling me I made someone laugh as I could probably get from just about anything. Except for Momma’s lasagna or maybe talking to Bigfoot. But other than those two things, nothing.

Be safe out there and take care of yourselves and one another.