Changing Gear: Health rewind

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Since most of you are busy enough trying to manage your own business, it’s likely you occasionally might have missed a few announcements for new products. This week, Overdrive’s “Changing Gear” series takes a look back at some health-related products to help you keep working and running your best.

ResqmeIf you’ve ever felt like you’re about to nod off behind the wheel, you know just how frightening that feeling can be once you’re startled back to alertness. Fortunately, there’s now a little high-tech help that can help keep you from dozing while barreling down the highway. Resqme’s AlertMe is a drowsy-driving warning device that sits behind the driver’s ear and is designed to buzz promptly if the head falls forward unexpectedly, effectively alerting the driver to heighten focus or pull off the road. The compact device contains no mercury.

Breathometer Smartphone BreathalyzerNot sure if that one drink was one too many? Breathometer’s Smartphone Breathalyzer is engineered to work on iOS and Android devices by plugging it into the smartphone’s audio jack and, together with a mobile app, transforming it into a portable breathalyzer designed to measure blood alcohol concentration. By blowing in the Breathometer, a user’s blood alcohol level is displayed on the smartphone screen within seconds. If the keychain-friendly device registers any alcohol on the breath, the mobile app has a feature called “Back to Zero” that will inform the user about how long it is estimated it will take for them to be sober. Because no mouthpiece is required, the device can be shared safely by multiple people, as users simply blow into the Breathometer from about one inch away from the device’s LED-illuminated blow tube.

Idea Mea Pee-PodEver have to go but you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere without any functioning facilities? Idea Mia’s Pee-Pods may be your ticket to quick relief. These super-absorbent pouches are designed to accommodate the needs of someone in a truck, a tent or in a house without a functioning bathroom. Pee-Pods are disposable and biodegradable, and they are simple to use. Just open the pouch, extract a bag, urinate and seal the package, leaving no need for a bathroom and no contamination of the environment.

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Need a quick refreshing break? Cool Off mini towelettes use natural cooling herbs, moisturizing botanicals and essential oils. The towelettes fit in your pocket and come in a travel-friendly packet. They renew, re-energize and refresh anytime during a long travel trip, the company says.

Use a CPAP machine but there’s something about the mask that doesn’t feel very comfy? Try the RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liner, which is designed to eliminate air leaks, prevent skin irritations and pressure marks, and accommodate high-pressure patients and users who have beards.

Now that you’re awake and refreshed, need a quick wake-up pick-me-up?Big Ol’ Trucker energy juice has no caffeine and has 70 calories per serving, says its manufacturer Xtreme Beverage Corp. The drink comes in 16 ounce bottles and is available at truck stops and travel stations nationwide, as well as online.