Bad ideas and agendas

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From the gubmint and here to help“The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has granted an exemption to Utah-based reefer giant C.R. England …. from federal rules that require a commercial learner’s permit holder to always be accompanied by a commercial driver’s license holder in the front seat of the vehicle.”

Wait. What?

“C.R. England applied for the exemption in December, citing it as a way to help them recruit more drivers.”

Uh, OK. Big fleets and mainstream news agencies scream “driver shortage!” while those of us in the biz know that’s a bunch of hoo-ha. The real problem is pay and individual treatment.

“The exemption would allow C.R. England to productively run a team operation.”

Now we get to the real meat on the bone here.

If this exemption was granted to CRE, it will be granted to every other trucking company out there that wants it. The thought of this terrifies me.

I’ve thought for a long time the FMCSA has an agenda, and it has absolutely nothing to do with safety. I try to keep my conspiracy theories to myself, but this is so blatant I can’t do it anymore. Granting this exemption allows for not only inexperienced but technically still unlicensed drivers to toodle around the highways, further wrecking the image of the industry (pun totally intended). Now here goes my theory: They’ve done this so they can step in in a couple years, after the carnage of Lord only knows how many wrecks, and say, “See? We told you truckers were dangerous. They need us. They need to be told what to do by people who have never done it.”

I’m not buying it, and you’re not buying it, but you know every unaffiliated, gubmint-loving crackpot out there will buy it.

“We’re from the gubmint, and we’re here to help.”

No thanks. Your kind of “help” is what will destroy us all. Way to go, FMCSA. Great job justifying your paychecks. Maybe if you could actually do something that makes sense, we’d appreciate it. (Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go laugh myself silly over that last statement.)

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