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Today I learned that I’m actually a trucker, regardless of the fact that I don’t hold a CDL or have any clue as to how to drive one of these things. No, I’m a trucker because I identify with my inner driver. I didn’t draw myself with the Freightliner-colored crayon when I was young, but I did marry a trucker, and we have children who are at least half trucker, so I’m a trucker. I’m more of a trucker than anyone who works for the FMCSA, that’s for damn sure.

As we make our way across America this time, I am once again knocked out by the sheer beauty and magnificence of this country. I’ve always been extremely patriotic — I cry every single time I hear the National Anthem (I’m a blast to have around at ball games) and I will break my arm to keep a flag from touching the ground, but actually being able to see first hand the glory of the place we call home intensifies my feelings of awe and appreciation for America tenfold.

Wendy with patriotic shades ediitGeorge chose an alternate route through the Rockies this time – he’s been across Eisenhower Pass many times, and decided to try the back roads from Ft. Worth to Grand Junction this trip. After much map pointing and grunting, he chose TX 75 to TX 82 and then took US 287 to I-25. We picked up CO 69 and took it to US 50 and took it all the way through to Grand Junction. It is definitely not the fastest or easiest route, and we almost got washed away in Nacona, Texas, but it has possibly been one of the most beautiful rides I’ve ever been on. I would strongly suggest it for anyone who isn’t dragging a gabillion pounds behind them and has some time on the trip.

Highway Scenery with water

Highway scenery out the passenger window

We’ll wrap up our cross-country in Yakima, Wash., next week, and head back toward the East Coast. It will be the last time we come across hauling a box, so it’s the end of this trucking chapter in our lives. There’s a step deck adventure waiting for us, and I can’t wait to get on it.

God bless America, and God bless the truckers. Now get out there and see something worth telling your grandkids about!