Dreams I’ll definitely see

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Dreams are powerful things, which is probably why I fell flat on my butt when I attempted to step off the four-foot precipice of the bed we slept in last night. I dreamed last night I didn’t have any toes, and apparently, in the fog of “morning head” my body actually believed it, because my dang foot sure didn’t work like it had toes on it this morning. I went ass over tea kettle at 6:45 this morning, and woke George up with a string of colorful adjectives describing the giant Princess and the Pea bed.


[insert thumping noises and visualize me disappearing over the edge of a bed-cliff, never to be seen again]

“Baby? Are you OK?”

“My toes are gone! This bed is too tall! What kind of giant designed this room?”

I got no answers, and he didn’t even bother to ask me where my toes were, as he is used to these “morning head” proclamations from me. (One day, I’m really going to wake up without ears or hair, and he’ll listen to me then.) No, he rolled over and enjoyed his only morning to sleep in in the most comfortable giant bed in Ft. Worth.

flatbedders skateboard graphicWe’ve been in the Best Western Plus in Ft. Worth the past three nights – this is an awesome perk Landstar offers. When you take a class at Landstar, they provide a hotel room, and they don’t scrimp on it. I’ve spent the last three days lounging around in style, while George took his securement classes for flatbed/ step deck. Landstar has a policy that requires business-capacity owners (BCOs) to take the classes before allowing them to run flatbed, step, or oversize – regardless of whether or not the driver has experience. They didn’t come by their safety rating by accident. They’re serious about it and they make sure anyone with a big blue star on the side of their truck has the proper training to do whatever job it is their doing. It’s No. 400 on the list of things I like about Landstar.

So by the end of the summer, we should have enough straps and chains bought for George to make the transition to step deck. He’s wanted to do it from the start of his time with the company, but he got on a sweet dedicated box run, hauling International truck parts between Springfield, Ohio, and Laredo, Texas, and never made the transition. When Celadon bought a blue million International trucks for their fleet, the run mysteriously dried up and became strictly a Celadon deal. I guess that’s not so mysterious, but anyway, it’s time for him to make the change.

I have a whole new world to explore with the skateboarders, a new set of terms and slang to know and remember. I’m going to be expected to help, and I predict hurting myself at least once, or possibly on a daily basis, but that’s a chance you gotta take if you want to see your dreams.

Let them truckers roll!