Oregon ups rural highway speeds

Speed Limit 65Oregon has increased speed limits on some rural highways, but has not altered the speed differential between cars and trucks.

The speed limit will become 65 for mph trucks and 70 mph for passenger vehicles on Interstate 84 east of The Dalles to Idaho and U.S. 95 from Idaho to Nevada. The state also changed the limit to 60 mph for trucks 65 for passenger vehicles on portions of U.S. 20, U.S. 26, U.S. 97, U.S. 197, U.S. 395, as well as state highways 31, 78 and 205.

State transportation employees are working on new signage for when the new law becomes effective March 1. Democrat Gov. Kate Brown signed H.B. 3402 on July 20, which amended speed limits on certain central and eastern highways.

The legislation exempts portions of I-95 and U.S. highways 20 and 197 that fall inside of city limits. It also provides $735,000 to Oregon’s transportation department to replace highway speed signs and to conduct speed studies on certain segments of roads.