ScoopMonkey ratings, review site names top 100 rated transport companies

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The ScoopMonkey service — think Yelp or Angie’s List for business-to-business reviews of transportation companies, including brokers and carriers — recently published the Top 100 best-rated entities among its growing base of companies reviewed by users of the service.

Among the brokers and carriers making the cut are many well-known entities — Coyote Logistics hit the No. 1 spot, Landstar Ranger No. 3 and Total Quality Logistics (TQL) No. 5, for instance. But among the companies are a bevy of lesser-known carriers, a fact that is reflective of what ScoopMonkey reps hope their service is able to do for companies that provide quality trucking service.

  1. Coyote Logistics
  2. C.H. Robinson
  3. Landstar Ranger
  4. Satellite Specialized Transportation
  5. Total Quality Logistics
  6. Access American Transport
  7. Mercer Transportation
  8. Packard Transport
  9. J.B. Hunt
  10. Sureway Transportation

Find the full Top 100 at this link.

Good ratings can “help some of the smaller companies get on the lists with the big boys,” ultimately raising the business’ profile, says company cofounder Eddie Peloke, formerly of GetLoaded and uShip.

Rankings in the top 100 are based on “more than just generic average” of user-specified scores, he says. The aggregate number of reviews and other factors play into an algorithm that provides the ultimate ranking.

ScoopMonkey is looking to be the standard-bearer for the trucking world from a user-ratings perspective, Peloke says. “We want to be the go-to rating and review source for the industry…. There are several sites with their own review systems today. But the industry’s so fragmented, I might be a four-star on one, a three- or five-star on another.”

The company routinely encourages truckers to request their customers to rate their service to build the business’ profile on ScoopMonkey — good ratings and reviews could easily serve a marketing function for carriers large and small. “You need to have positive reviews on your business now,” says Peloke. “Everybody’s looking for reviews today,” including brokers and shippers. “On your invoice, encourage people to review you.”

For operators worried about users posting erroneous information in negative reviews, the company routinely issues alerts to registered users when reviews/ratings are added, likewise when federal data (CSA scores, inspections, violations, etc…) changes on the company. (Those interested can register via this link.) You’re always able to dispute or respond to any review, Peloke says. “We’re not a complaint board. If you’re a small carrier, get people to review you.”

ScoopMonkey is the standard ratings engine packaged within a few load boards and broker software packages, among other entities, including 123LoadBoard, Truck It Smart, Trucker Path’s “Truckloads” freight marketplace (still in beta), Aljex broker software and Truck Track.

ScoopMonkey has been in existence since the launch of its website two years ago. “Since April of this year, we’ve seen it really take off. Last month, we broke 1 million score look-ups” at the main site, Peloke says. “Those numbers have been growing incredibly fast month over month. It’s fun to see the word get out there and see things start to spread and take off.”

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