Inspection hot zone along the southern border

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Arizona border effect map

No area of the country shows such a contiguous grouping of high-inspection-intensity states as the four states lining the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border. Border enforcement personnel conduct a large share of all inspections in these states. Extracting border inspections of the trucks and drivers of largely Mexican carriers involved in border trade, Arizona’s inspection rate drops to 6.7 inspections per lane-mile from 9.

Even without those border inspections, Arizona still would stack up strongly against other states, with a No. 8 national inspection-intensity ranking. In 2014, it ranked No. 5. Explore more inspection/violation data nationally via the CSA’s Data Trail series main site, including a variety of map views and full 48-state downloads on recent enforcement trends.

1) California
11 inspections per lane-mile
National rank: 2

2) Arizona
9 inspections per lane-mile
National rank: 5

3) New Mexico
7 inspections per lane-mile
National rank: 10

4) Texas
9 inspections per lane-mile
National rank: 4

SOURCE for all data in this story: RigDig Business Intelligence (, 866-237-7788) mined federal data from 2014, unless otherwise noted.