Ode to the highway bill

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“Can’t sleep a wink since they put me on a CPAP.”“Can’t sleep a wink since they put me on a CPAP.”

Here I sit, all pieced and sideways
Came to fix the broken highways
Ended up a pork-filled deed
To satisfy the gubmint greed

Now I wait for months on end
While arguments for where and when
The money that is not enough
Is spent on studies and ridiculous fluff

They tell the truckers to behave
While making laws to enslave
The owner-ops and small fleet rigs
While lining pockets of the bigs

They’ll take away your rights today
To operate in your own safe way
And force the masses into a box
That dictates your internal clock

And if that’s really not enough
Your neck is too big, you need a puff
Of air blown in your face all night
Because we say so, not because it’s right

Here I sit, all pieced and sideways
Became a trucker for the love of highways
It’s no wonder less people are hauling
Who can take the gubmint mauling?

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