Nevada DOT hosts workshop on automated vehicle public policy

The Nevada DOT hosted an automated vehicle public policy workshop in Las Vegas on Jan. 5 to discuss standardizing regulatory policy regarding autonomous vehicles.

The all-day invite-only event attracted 125 state and federal licensing, enforcement and transportation officials as well as carmakers, data providers and insurers to determine a future regulatory framework for automated vehicles. Attendees included representatives from Daimler, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai, among others, plus government officials from Nevada, Michigan, California, Iowa, Arizona, Washington D.C. and Colorado.

“The workshop brought together a diverse group of state and national leaders to debate and advance the dialogue about the issues surrounding autonomous vehicles,” said NDOT Deputy Director Tracy Larkin-Thomason. “It framed the discussion surrounding licensing, data collection, liability, funding and infrastructure, among other things.”

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval announced at the event the creation of an autonomous vehicle center that will be used in testing and developing autonomous vehicles.

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