Brief longshoremen strike temporarily halted truck activity at major East Coast ports Friday

Port of New YorkPort of New York

Longshoremen began returning work Friday at New York and New Jersey ports from a “wildcat” strike that began that day.

Port officials had begun barring trucks from lining up on port roadways 11 a.m., only a few minutes after announcing the surprise work stoppage. A little later, the port authority said that full operation was being restored, “thanks to the expedient efforts of the New York Shipping Association and the International Longshoremen’s Association.”

Port gates will open as scheduled Sunday, it said.

ILA leadership, the AFL-CIO had urged union members to return to work immediately. “We have heard your voices, we have heard your concerns, and we have taken action on your behalf,” they announced early Friday evening.

A NYSA spokeswoman reportedly said employers and the union will continue working on disputed issues such as hiring and technology, but an arbitrator had ruled the work stoppage violated the no-strike provision in the union’s contract.

Union leadership said workers were concerned over possible automation and job outsourcing, according to reports.

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