Calif. VMT tax pilot project follows Ore.’s weight-mile lead

Updated Apr 3, 2016


“As vehicles continue to get more fuel efficient,” writes Aaron Huff of Overdrive sister publication CCJ, “state and federal governments are looking at alternative funding mechanisms to shore up their fuel tax revenues.”

While Congress and the federal government in general explores the notion of a vehicle-miles-traveled tax, some states, as Huff writes, “are not waiting on a federal solution.” Automated computation and collection of Oregon’s weight-distance tax via the use of a GPS-based telematics solution, EROAD, is already a reality, and California is now following Oregon’s lead by using EROAD to collect mileage information from heavy duty commercial vehicles. The California Department of Transportation’s Road Charge Pilot, the largest vehicle-miles-traveled tax pilot project to date, is scheduled to run for nine months starting this coming July.

EROAD-LOGOEROAD first developed and deployed its weight-mile tax solution for electronic road user charging in New Zealand. The company also offers a suite of safety and compliance products, including its electronic logbook.

Read more via Huff’s story on CCJ.

For details on EROAD’s  ELD in Overdrive‘s recently-updated quick-glance ELD comparison chart, click through the following link:


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