Update: Top 10 toughest states for hours of service violations

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Updated Jul 7, 2016

Judging by the results of ongoing polling, roughly a fourth of Overdrive readers have experienced an issue with hours of service violations of one kind or another over the two years. Odds are those violations were issued by one of the 10 states shown in the interactive map above and listed below, those whose truck safety enforcement departments are most focused on hours, by the numbers. Both the map above and the list below reflect data from the most complete calendar year, 2015. Hours violation percentages are figured as a share of each state’s total violations.

This story launches this year’s version of the annual CSA’s Data Trail feature series, probing federally collected inspection and violation data, with mining assistance by Overdrive sister company RigDig Business Intelligence. While annual hours violation totals rose in each of the first three analyzed periods since the series’ launch, reaching an apex in 2014 (a full year in which the hours of service changes to the restart and the 30-minute break were in effect), they declined in the most recent year.

2015 top 10 toughest states for hours violations

However, the number of states rapidly increasing their focus on hours in driver inspections is apparent and did not abate in 2015. Since Overdrive’s CSA’s Data Trail series began with analysis of the 2011-12 period in 2013, when there were just three states above the 20 percent mark for hours violations, there have never been as many states above that mark than today.

Catch more in-depth state-by-state data and analysis via our CSA’s Data Trail main page, recently updated to reflect year 2015 data.Catch more in-depth state-by-state data and analysis via our CSA’s Data Trail main page, recently updated to reflect year 2015 data.

Stay tuned for further coverage of hours violations and the ELD effect in the numbers in the July issue and here at OverdriveOnline.com. For now, revisit profiles of three of the enforcement departments on the hours list via the links to stories about Arkansas, Indiana and Oregon below.

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