Notes on being human

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We’ve spent the last two days here in Dallas, surrounded by our trucking family, and it has once again shown me that some of the best people on this earth are involved in the trucking industry. (Pssst…that means you, too.)

There have been many deep conversations over many beers thus far, with topics ranging from speed limiters to how gluten free diets are destroying the environment. (Don’t scream at me, gluten free people. The point can be made that manufacturing gluten-free products is evil when you’re four beers into six, and looking for anything gluten-y to shove in your face for sustenance.)

Deep conversations with Vern Gill and James “Tex” CrowleyDeep conversations with Vern Gill and James “Tex” Crowley

Through all the conversation, with all the different people, one thing has remained true time and again.

Truckers are intelligent people.

OK, now that you’ve rolled your eyes so far back in your head one of ’em stuck, tell me that the people you know, who are real truckers – and earned the right to call themselves that – aren’t some of the wiliest, innovative and intelligent people around. You can’t do it. (Well I can’t do it, you can do whatever floats your boat while I hang out over here with the smart kids.)

I write a lot about taking inspiration away from these shows, and this one has been no different. The camaraderie and kindness we have been shown here is humbling, inspiring and my very favorite part of the truck shows. Seeing the new doo-dads and hearing about the latest technology is cool, but being here with people who take an extra minute to be kind to one another on a basic human level is better than any doo-dad.

If you happen to be in Dallas today or tomorrow, do yourself a favor and stop at the show. Recharging your humanity battery while looking at pretty trucks will do a world of good for your soul. I know it has for mine.