Cummins, Peterbilt, Kenworth and more announce updated equipment, services at ATA conference

Updated Oct 9, 2016

The American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Exhibition began Saturday, Oct. 1 in Las Vegas and continues through Tuesday, Oct. 4. Several major truck equipment and technology suppliers announced new and updated offerings at the show.

A brief recap of some of the highlights of the event can be seen below. See Overdrive sister site CCJ for full coverage of ATA’s conference.

Cummins’ and Eaton’s SmartAdvantage powertrain will now offer higher torque.Cummins’ and Eaton’s SmartAdvantage powertrain will now offer higher torque.

Cummins, Eaton add torque to SmartAdvantage powertrain

The expansion of the SmartAdvantage powertrain now includes a new transmission model with 1,850 lb.-ft. torque capacity offered for linehaul applications operating with GCVW ratings of up to 80,000 lbs.

Alex Stucky, product strategy manager, commercial powertrain for Eaton, says the 1,850 lb.-ft. rating has been added to improve grade capabilities and acceleration while broadening the downspeed SmartAdvantage powertrain offerings.

Peterbilt announces 579 EPIQ day cab spec, updates to remote diagnostics

Peterbilt announced the availability of the Model 579 EPIQ spec in a day cab configuration that the company says can provide up to a 14 percent improvement in fuel economy.

In the spirit of the EPIQ spec found on Peterbilt’s sleeper models, the day cab 579 EPIQ features a three-piece collapsible roof fairing, chassis fairings with rubber skirts and rubber closeouts, front wheel closeouts and fender liners, a three-piece aerodynamic bumper and bumper air dam with bumper-to-hood seals.

The company also announced several improvements to its SmartLINQ remote diagnostics system, including reasoning technology and the new SmartLINQ Service Management solution, for which the company partnered with Decisiv.

SmartLINQ’s reasoning technology collects and analyzes engine information and uses machine learning to make associations between triggered diagnostic codes, which the company says allows technicians to more efficiently and accurately diagnose and solve service issues.

The new Paccar axle offers axle ratios of 2.47 to 3.7.The new Paccar axle offers axle ratios of 2.47 to 3.7.

Paccar launching proprietary drive axle, power and torque boost for MX engines

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Paccar is taking the next step toward an integrated power train with the launch of a proprietary drive axle optimized for line haul applications.

Offering axle ratios of 2.47 to 3.7, Kevin Baney, Kenworth chief engineer, says the new Paccar axle will be a Kenworth standard going forward.

Also for 2017, Paccar is offering two different turbos on its engines – one each for horsepower ratings above and below 485. Paccar’s MX-11 will get a peak torque bump of about 100 foot pounds from 1,550 to 1,650. The MX-13 gets a horsepower boost to 510, up from 500, and 1,850 foot pounds of torque.

Kenworth updates remote diagnostics, announces 52-inch sleeper for T680 Advantage

Kenworth announced TruckTech+ Service Management, an update to its remote diagnostics system that allows fleet managers to monitor the status of a truck service or repair in real time. It also provides the truck’s service history, parts catalog, chassis information and service bulletins to allow technicians to more quickly diagnose and solve maintenance issues.

After introducing a day cab spec for its fuel efficient T680 Advantage in August, Kenworth has announced the addition of a 52-inch mid-roof sleeper option, available in first-quarter 2017. The 52-inch T680 Advantage mid-roof sleeper is equipped with a number of aerodynamic improvements, including front air dam, mini-kickout fairings to force air around the trailer and drive tires and lower fairing extenders.

Lytx announced two new triggers, rolling stops and roll stability, to its DriveCam.Lytx announced two new triggers, rolling stops and roll stability, to its DriveCam.

Lytx offers two new DriveCam video triggers

Lytx announced two new triggers – rolling stops and roll stability – to its DriveCam exception-based video safety program, bringing the total number of triggers to more than 70.

Using a combination of accelerometer and GPS data, the system determines when a truck is approaching an intersection with a stop sign. If the accelerometer detects that the truck didn’t come to a complete stop, it captures the video for use by fleets in driver coaching. Lytx says the new trigger is completely configurable by the fleet, allowing the tolerance to the accelerometer to be adjusted so video capture only occurs for egregious instances.

Fleet testing shows reduced distracted, drowsy driving with Guardian driver safety system

Seeing Machines unveiled data showing its Guardian driver monitoring system reduced distracted driving and fatigue in tests with three U.S. fleets.

The Guardian technology uses sensors and image processing to track micro-movements of drivers’ eyes and head to identify fatigue or distraction, in real time. When it detects any of several events, such as drowsiness, controlled eye closure, glancing down or away or using a cell phone, the driver receives in-cab audio and seat vibration alerts, immediately intervening to prevent an incident.

Testing with the three U.S. fleets, involved in long haul, food delivery and construction, found:

  • Microsleep events (where the driver’s eyes are completely closed while driving) reduced by 71-, 75- and 100-percent.
  • Cell phone distractions reduced by 77-, 97- and 100-percent.
  • Distraction events at high speed reduced 43-, 49-, and 83-percent.
The Rand McNally DC 200 is a cellular ELD and fleet management device.The Rand McNally DC 200 is a cellular ELD and fleet management device.

Rand McNally launches new fleet management device/ELD

Rand McNally announced its new DC 200 cellular electronic logging and fleet management device, joining the ELD 50 in the company’s DriverConnect product lineup.

The DC 200 works with Android devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and is aimed at small- and medium-sized fleets looking for affordable ELD compliance.

Unlike the ELD 50, The DC 200 unit has a built-in multi-mode cell modem that allows fleet managers to track trucks in near real-time as well as message drivers. Once paired with an Android device, the DC 200 enables drivers to view logs, driver vehicle inspection reports and more through Rand McNally’s DriverConnect app. It also integrates with TMS systems to allow dispatch systems/fleet management communication.

Noregon unveils integrated vehicle health, safety management tool

Noregon introduced TripVision, an advanced in-shop diagnostic and repair tool.

Fleet dispatchers get actionable fault information and aggregated health/safety scores and recommendations to easily determine vehicle readiness. All pertinent information is organized and customizable fault management options can be set to meet the exact needs of any fleet.

Zonar says its next-generation tablet, Zonar Connect, is faster, more responsive and more customizable compared to previous-generation units.Zonar says its next-generation tablet, Zonar Connect, is faster, more responsive and more customizable compared to previous-generation units.

Zonar introduces new tablet

Zonar introduced its next-generation tablet, Zonar Connect, which it says is faster, more responsive and more customizable compared to previous-generation units. The ruggedized tablet also provides fleet managers with a suite of tools to manage compliance, safety and efficiency monitoring.

Connect is connected even when outside of the cab, allowing the driver to submit completed documents and EVIR inspections back to dispatch without returning to the cab of the truck.

Velociti announces onboard technology health monitoring system

Velociti announced VelociCare, its new subscription-based maintenance support program for onboard technologies, including remote system health monitoring, hardware repair and replacement and system upgrades.

Similar to vehicle remote diagnostics systems offered by truck OEMs, VelociCare’s proactive system health monitoring feature automatically monitors real-time information about the performance of the supported technology and allows expedited resolution of any situation based on the severity of the issue and the customer’s preferences.