Web-based small fleet, broker TMS software

The Tailwind company has launched a web-based trucking software and freight broker software, to further build on its enterprise-grade transportation management systems (TMS) for smaller companies.

With a starting price of $69 a month and the first 30 days free, Tailwind says its all-in-one Trucking & Freight Broker Software is built to help small- to medium-size trucking companies and freight brokerages compete more effectively in a rapidly growing, increasingly competitive and regulated industry.

tailwind-tms“Tailwind is excited to launch a game-changing transportation software that will allow companies to run a trucking business, a freight brokerage, or both, out of the same solution — and offer it in a way that requires no big upfront investment,” said Murray Pratt, Tailwind president and CEO. A truly Internet-centric application, Tailwind connects into a number of technology partners to give our customers an efficient method for transforming and building their businesses quickly.

The software ties together a Customer and Carrier Database, an Equipment and Driver Management system, a Quoting and Order tool, a Dispatching application and an Administration and Accounting utility.

“Having quick and easy access to important business information — not wasting time searching in filing cabinets and piles of paper — is a must,” says Ray Khaira, owner and manager of Superior Transportation Logistics based in Calgary, Canada. “Our admin and operations are that much more effective with Tailwind at our back.”

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