Autosist maintenance records app

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Use of the smartphone as a maintenance and fuel-purchase record-keeping tool is the bedrock functionality enabled by the Autosist app from founder Zorrane Abdeali.

For a single vehicle, the app and your account is free and comes with cloud-based storage and the ability to export data/captured receipts to spreadsheets or PDF files. While Abdeali notes he built the app with personal autos and auto fleets in mind (for the latter with annual subscriptions between $49-$99 with more robust features), trucking users are among the clientele actually using the app.

Find more about the Autosist app via the company website.Find more about the Autosist app via the company website.

He likens the concept to the DropBox file-storage service, but specific to maintenance and fuel records. “Everything’s cloud-based for both iOS and Android,” he says. “It’s a similar concept to DropBox, but very much customized to automotive.”

For small fleets, drivers can be assigned to specific vehicle profiles in the system so that drivers can help keep track of the maintenance records, too. Other apps out there more specific to trucking enable similar functionality, but the simplicity here may appeal to some owner-operators. Take a quick run-through via the video above, or you can give the app a whirl via its website.