PaleRider Vlog hits 100 episodes

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palerider tv (002)-2017-01-25-09-31

Keith “PaleRider” Lawson (find him on Facebook at this link) isn’t new to the trucking scene. A 20-plus-year veteran of the industry, PaleRider knows a little bit about driving, and he’s sharing the knowledge that comes with experience on his YouTube channel.

Tomorrow marks the release of his 100th vlog (video blog), a short video he puts together each week discussing his experiences and adventures on the road. Lawson decided to begin keeping the record as a diary and source of information for other drivers, but he’s found a lot of non-drivers enjoy the series as well. “You’d be surprised the number of messages I get from people, telling me they always wanted to be a truck driver, but for whatever reason, things didn’t work out. They enjoy watching the lifestyle from their laptops.”

The importance of connecting with other drivers and having a touchstone to experiences they all share is one of the main reasons PaleRider has remained energized and active for the two years it’s taken to compile 100 episodes. His plans to truck a little less this year, and produce a little more content for the YouTube channel, won’t interrupt the series. Lawson, like most longtime trucking professionals, feels like learning something new every day is the most important thing any driver can do. He not only quotes an old trucking phrase we’ve all heard before — “When you think you know everything, it’s time to hang up the keys” — he lives it.

Thanks for the positive image and good stuff, PaleRider! Here’s to a hundred more.