Trucker arrested for bomb threat directed at Trump

Updated Mar 2, 2017
Ausarmaat Rahotep (Photo courtesy Columbia County Jail)Ausarmaat Rahotep (Photo courtesy Columbia County Jail)

A Rhode Island truck driver was arrested in Florida Feb. 25 after threatening President Donald Trump.

According to a press release from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office in Lake City, Fla., Ausarmaat Rahotep, 37, of Central Falls, R.I., called the Columbia County Combined Communication Center and told the 911 operator he was “headed to Donald Trump with bombs.”

At the time he made the call, authorities believed Rahotep was parked on the side of an interstate. Deputies began searching I-75 and I-10, and located a truck on the shoulder of I-75. When the deputy turned on his lights, Rahotep drove off, “weaving back and forth across all the northbound lanes,” but maintaining highway speed.

Rahotep pulled into an agricultural inspection station on I-75, according to the release, where he was arrested.

An inspection of the truck and trailer found no explosives.

He was arrested for reckless driving, fleeing and attempting to elude and making threats against elected officials.