Why shoes matter

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, there lived a very sensible girl named Karen. Karen was smart and popular, and she had a lot of friends who emulated her, which was great, because she was sensible and smart. The only flaw Karen had was the occasional habit of buying cheap shoes, and even worse, talking her friends into buying cheap shoes.

Cheap Shoes 2017 03 30 09 07See, the cheap shoes weren’t the problem, the problem was, when Karen and her friends wore cheap shoes, the fit was so poor, it rubbed their big toes off. Not only did this cause some serious balance problems, sandals were out of the question. And even though they only wore cheap shoes occasionally, Karen and her friends affected the shoe market so much, the manufacturers made the only intelligent business decision they could make, and began manufacturing only cheap shoes.

Unfortunately, by the time the manufacturers made the change, Karen and her friends all needed orthopedic shoes, because they had worn cheap ones enough to not only rub their toes off, but force the expensive shoe makers to close up shop. This was a terrible problem, because orthopedic shoes are expensive, and require skill to make, and when there is no market for them, they aren’t manufactured.

So Karen and her friends wandered the desert, barefoot, for 40 years… No, wait. That’s another story. Karen and her friends were cool about it and took this little story as it’s meant – an allegory from the other side of the pancake. It’s all fun and games until your big toe is rubbed off.