Is your gut in order?

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Updated Apr 11, 2017

Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Well if they do, you might want to have that looked at. Unless you’re an old hound, walking off the fat with your miserable master.

“Ears hang low” is the mantra the dogs and I use to get up that last hill. We’re all old as hell, and by the end of the mile, we’re struggling. I thought I was gonna have to carry the dang husky the first time we did our loop this year. Our collective bone crackling and moaning make early morning walks inadvisable, as the neighbors are not fond of being awakened by our misery.

Me, when people ask me if I like to exercise.Me, when people ask me if I like to exercise.

It gets better with each walk, and I spend most of the time chastising myself for being a slug all winter. It’s so much easier to eat marshmallows under the desk when it’s cold and dreary outside. I fall victim to it almost every year, the self inflicted feeling of a being a slimy fat pupae when the sun starts shining in the springtime.

MATS is generally the wake-up call, and this year was no different. Seeing our friend Carolyn O’Byrne and getting involved in the MATS2GATS movement put us back on track again.

Having a few minutes to chat with Carolyn again was inspiring, as always. Her book, “Gut Instinct: Transform Your Life and Heath With the Power of Your Gut,” is doing great in the Amazon market. This can be attributed to the “plain old simple methods that work by design,” and the straightforward, reasonable way Carolyn puts them on paper. The book is targeted specifically for truckers and a mobile lifestyle, but the advice is simple and true, and can be applied in any life situation.

Carolyn will be “on call” on the M2G Facebook page as one of the coaches and professional advisers being offered to support the journey to a healthier lifestyle in an industry that O’Byrne says “desperately needs it.” This is clearly evidenced by the amount of interest her book and the M2G challenge are generating.

Meeting people who have used the book to change their eating habits and lifestyle in person and being able to connect with them face to face has been what Carolyn believes to be the best part of having a book out. “It’s never been about selling a book, it’s about helping people live better,” she says.

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Carolyn will be monitoring and contributing to the content of the M2G page through the end of the contest, and encourages questions about the gut and the benefits of having a healthy one. She looks forward to meeting all the participants who can attend the wrap-up party and winner’s ceremony, planned for GATS 2017.

“Nothing is better than getting a hug from a big ol’ trucker, I love what I do,” she says. Carolyn’s book is available on Kindle, and in paperback.