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When’s the last time you saw a $2 bill?

If you happen to start seeing them more and more, you can probably thank Bill Weaver, and an idea he’s proffered that just might remind the American public how much truckers infuse the economy, both by spending money on the road, and bringing the goods to generate that commerce. On June 6, Weaver wrote this:

George (left) with the Weavers and their cache of $2 bills.George (left) with the Weavers and their cache of $2 bills.

I think that I have possibly found a way for us to get the American public involved with what we are trying to do and to see the value of the American trucker.

We all spend a lot of money on the road, lots of money.

Rarely when you get change back or when you get paid for anything in cash do you see a United States $2 bill. These $2 bills are a beautiful bill, and they are easily obtainable, your bank can order them in for you at face value, so it costs nothing to order them in — but they have to be ordered in quantities of 100 bills.

Let’s all get with our banks and have them order us in $2 bills to spend on the road for expenses, our dinner money, etc., and let the taxpayers see all of these $2 bills floating through our economy and see that we are doing this as a form of protest to let the public know our plight.

If we do this perhaps we can get some political attention, major media attention, and get the American man and woman on our side who has nothing to do trucking, and is being misinformed.

This is a peaceful way that we can protest — every day and every time someone gets a $2 bill they will wonder why all of a sudden there are so many $2 bills loading around in their change, because it’s likely many have never even seen one.

Please share this post everywhere you can and with everyone you know in the trucking industry and help explain to your friends and families when they see a huge influx of $2 bills to understand this is truckers doing things the right way.

So what say you? Think it will work? I believe it’s unusual enough for the mainstream news to pick it up, which is what Bill, and the rest of us who are going to try the experiment, sincerely hope. So the next time you see a $2 bill, think of ol’ Bill and the other truckers out here doing it right.

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