Videographer Texomatic is ready to rock Dallas

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Updated Aug 4, 2017

What’s our ol’ buddy Tex Crowley up to?

Well, if you’re standing beside him, I’d say somewhere ’round 6 feet, 2 inches. But if this is a rhetorical question and you’re checking up on him, you better get on down to Dallas and try to catch up with him at the Great American Trucking Show, Aug. 24-26.

Tex Crowley, known for his video profiles of truckers, will be working at GATS.Tex Crowley, known for his video profiles of truckers, will be working at GATS.

Crowley is well known for his “Life of a Trucker” series. About a year ago, he stepped out of the big truck for good and into creator/editor/producer boots and hasn’t looked back since.

Being a 20-plus-year veteran of trucking, Tex has a unique approach to his filmmaking that captures the industry in a way I’ve not seen anyone else do. Texomatic productions, whether video or stills, have a distinct feel, and clearly the industry likes it.

While 95 percent of his work is trucking-oriented, Tex has partnered with Sam Smith and branched his services out to include imagery available through the lens of an FAA-registered drone, making his scope of shots infinitely more interesting, and keeping up with the current trend in videography. Drones are the hottest new tools in a film-maker’s kit, and Tex carried over lessons learned in trucking about using good tools. He and Sam have a great scope of knowledge, and some of the most cutting edge equipment money can buy.

Sam will be manning booth #29019 at GATS this year, while Tex does what he does with cameras, gimbles and gee-gaws, to capture the show for Randall-Reilly in a way only Tex can do. We’re looking forward to seeing him and can’t wait to see the work he produces from the show. Wander over and visit, pick up a sticker or a T-shirt, and maybe even catch ol’ Bill Weaver singing a song. Bill’s performances at the Texomatic booth are to be announced.

See y’all in Dallas!