Because that’s what professionals do

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One of the first things I learned about trucking is the word “schedule” is bounced around a lot, but rarely adhered to by shippers and receivers. In fact, the only people who are actually expected to adhere to trucking schedules are the people with the absolute least amount of control over it – the drivers.

After approximately 42 seconds on the road in a commercial vehicle, I realized the insane feats of professionalism it takes for drivers to keep anything even remotely close to a schedule. Navigating the highway on a daily basis while maintaining any kind of grasp on sanity, much less time, is like throwing ten cats and a box full of rabid mice in a washing machine and expecting a good outcome. Yet, day after day, professional drivers show up and do what they do, rabid mice and wet cats be damned.

It’s amazing.

Kind of like the amazing performance Tony Justice and his band pulled off, after Justice’s band was delayed enroute from East Tennessee by mechanical failure to the point of being almost two hours late for their gig at Eddie Deen’s Ranch, which happened to be the headliner performance for the Uber Freight “Take a Load Off” event at GATS.

Justice during an earlier performance on Thursday at GATS.Justice during an earlier performance on Thursday at GATS.

Uber sponsored the event to show their appreciation for truckers and truckers showed their brotherhood by being patient and understanding about the perils of mechanical failure and life on the highway and coming together in the end to enjoy a great show.

It was amazing.

I stood backstage and watched truckers from every part of the country — different accents, different skin colors, every single one of them different, but all the same — while they unloaded the equipment so the exhausted band members could grab a bottle of water and set their instruments up.

Because that's what truckers do.

Posted by The George and Wendy Show on Friday, August 25, 2017

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It was amazing.

I watched true professional musicians, who had endured a trip so bad I can’t even describe it, on a bus so jacked-up I won’t describe it, take the stage without even changing their clothes, do a two-minute sound check, and proceed to rock the damn house without missing a beat, so they could give as long a performance as possible before the doors had to close.

They were amazing.

True professionals right here!

Posted by The George and Wendy Show on Friday, August 25, 2017

If you ever tell me brotherhood is dead, I will fight you over it. I’ve seen it. If you tell me there are no true professionals left in the world, I will fight you over that, too. I saw it with my own eyes, and I’m so thankful to the people who take their jobs seriously enough to forge ahead, through the wet cats and rabid mice, to show up and do it right.

Mad respect to all of you. Thank you.