Comdata brings AscendTMS to carriers in MyFleet program

Comdata announced a preferred partnership with InMotion Global, Inc. to bring the free AscendTMS web-based transportation management system (TMS) software to carriers, fleets and freight brokers through its Comdata MyFleet program. MyFleet is a custom portfolio of services that allows smaller fleets (up to 100 trucks) to address operating challenges with a variety of tools to reduce costs, maintain regulatory compliance and access capital. With a blend of tools directly from Comdata and various partners, program users can simplify regulatory burdens and ensure they have the liquid funds it takes to get through each month.

As a business management solution, AscendTMS’ allowance for dispatch control, real-time load funding, driver management and more are available on any web-enabled device, including a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, without fee.

“We developed our MyFleet Program with close attention to input from smaller OTR fleets about their specific business needs,” notes Greg Secord, president of Comdata North American Trucking (NAT). “Not surprisingly, our customers consider a high-performing, easy-to-use TMS platform a critical tool for their success. Comdata’s partnership with AscendTMS means that trucking businesses of all sizes can now achieve important cost efficiencies at scale, which will allow them to stay on the road and focus on driving.”

The image shows an example of the load-management screen within the AscendTMS software suite.The image shows an example of the load-management screen within the AscendTMS software suite.

More than 97 percent of interstate carriers in the United States have between 1 and 100 trucks, according to the 2016 American Trucking Associations (ATA) Trends Report. Many of these asset-based companies still operate using a paper-based system to handle reporting, filing, payments and more. But the move away from paper is happening quickly, according to Tim Higham, president and CEO of InMotion Global, Inc.: “Small and medium sized fleet carriers in particular need an all-inclusive, technology-driven platform that works for them today and tomorrow. We see a tremendous opportunity to respond to that need, which is why we intend to add every Comdata service possible to AscendTMS over time, including IFTA filings, mobile driver payments via Comchek Mobile, permitting, compliance, licensing and fuel card management.”

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