Board that sets carrier registration fees set to meet later this month

The U.S. DOT’s Unified Carrier Registration Plan Board will hold a public meeting Thursday, Oct. 26, to discuss the development and implementation of its carrier registration plan.

The meeting will be held from 12-3 p.m. Eastern, and those interested in attending can do so via conference call by calling 1-877-422-1931 with passcode 2855443940.

The Board is currently under scrutiny after a recently filed lawsuit claims the UCR Board met to decide fee changes without a public notice, as required by federal law. The Board met Sept. 14 to discuss changes to carrier registration fees and ultimately decided to lower the fees across the board.

The Small Business in Transportation Coalition filed a federal suit Sept. 27, claiming the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the UCR Board failed to give proper seven-day notice for the meeting.