Trucker Tools’ ‘Smart Capacity’ rolls out to independents

During the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, the Trucker Tools company unveiled new features and functions for its mobile driver app with the launch of Smart Capacity for independents and small fleets.

Since 2013, the Trucker Tools app has been downloaded by more than 500,000 truckers for its planning and information resource tools. Trucker Tools also has surpassed 100,000 unique, connected carriers active in its network. Building on its Smart Capacity predictive freight matching platform for brokers and 3PLs, the Smart Capacity for Truckers and Small Fleets application suite is designed specifically for the needs of owner-operators and small-fleet dispatchers.

Drivers access the Smart Capacity tools through the Trucker Tools mobile app on their GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet. The application proactively searches and ranks new loads that are available from various brokers in proximity to the driver’s delivery destination.

The app uses driver-selected lane, broker and load preferences. Small fleet dispatchers use the tools in similar fashion, selecting and matching optimal loads for their drivers in multiple trucks. The process is conducted over Trucker Tools’ confidential, private network and via the smartphone app.

“The old ways of truckers calling brokers for loads or scrolling through stale, obsolete data on load boards or spreadsheets are gone,” said Trucker Tools’ Prasad Gollapalli. “We are bringing the power, convenience, accuracy and efficiency of predictive, digital load-matching to the fingertips of drivers and small fleet dispatchers.”

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