International adds fuel economy package to flagship LT tractor

The International LTThe International LT

International announced Friday a high-efficiency spec for its LT Series tractor.

The LT MPG Package includes an aerodynamic chassis package, predictive cruise control, air dam and bumper seal, as well as a roof fairing and extenders, chassis skirts and energy-efficient wheel covers.

“Spec’ing for fuel efficiency can be a complex process,” says Navistar President of Truck and Parts Michael Cancelliere. “The LT MPG Package simplifies that process.”

Cancelliere says the spec delivers up to 8 percent in improved fuel efficiency over the International LT Series with just the roof fairing and extenders, air dam and bumper seal.

“At a time when every one-percent improvement in fuel efficiency can save customers hundreds of dollars per truck per year, this new fuel efficiency spec package can help customers achieve major reductions in their [total cost of ownership],” he says.