CES: Peterbilt adds third model to electric truck lineup, Continental demos delivery robot concept

Updated Jan 19, 2019

Read more below on Continental’s robotic delivery system, which includes an driverless delivery van that deploys the robots like the one in the video above.  

Peterbilt’s battery-powered Model 220EV has a 100-mile operating range. The truck is meant for urban applications like city delivery.Peterbilt’s battery-powered Model 220EV has a 100-mile operating range. The truck is meant for urban applications like city delivery.

Peterbilt this week debuted its third all-electric truck offering, unveiling at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas the battery-powered medium-duty Model 220EV cabover. The truck is intended for use in city delivery and other urban applications, the company says.

The 220EV joins the 520EV refuse truck and the 579EV regional-haul tractor in Peterbilt’s electric portfolio. Peterbilt will begin field testing six 220EV trucks this year in conjunction with fleet customers. The company says it hopes to deploy 30 to 40 electric vehicles by year’s end.

The 220EV is a collaborative effort among Peterbilt, Meritor and TransPower, a San Diego-based company that specializes in battery-vehicle integration for the medium- and heavy-duty markets. Like its 520EV and 579EV electric siblings, the 220EV uses TransPower battery packs but adds the Meritor Blue Horizon eAxle.

The two TransPower battery packs provide 148 kWh and a 100-mile operating range. The 220EV weights approximately 2,000 pounds more than the Model 220 diesel cabover.

The truck is equipped with a two-stage 1-kW onboard charger. A standard 220-volt AC connection can charge the batteries in 11 to 13 hours, and a high-voltage DC fast charger can reduce charge time to under three hours.

Continental demonstrates autonomous delivery concept

Also at CES, Continental showed off a driverless delivery van concept capable of delivering packages to homes, the company says. In addition to the autonomous vehicle, the Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUBe) deploys four-legged robots that can navigate around obstacles on sidewalks, walk up to front porch steps and even ring doorbells, the company says.

The CUbE doubles as a robo-taxi to move people around urban centers when not being used for delivery applications to reduce idle times.

See video of one of the delivery robots from Overdrive sister site CCJ below.

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