Blockchain-ready tracking platform launches

The leaders of freight and logistics company ShipChain are formally launching their blockchain-based Track and Trace platform. The launch, which followed the successful completion of a pilot program with Perdue Farms, makes ShipChain one of a few companies over the last year to successfully build and pilot an operational product on a blockchain.

ShipChain CEO John Monarch cast the tracking-and-analysis platform for shippers as striving to provide “true, intelligent freight document management and unified visibility to a simple API that enables any development team to communicate with the blockchain itself.”

The company believes its platform represents a “new level of transparency and visibility” for freight movement, allowing shippers to view specific details of their freight, identify potential bottlenecks and improve operations on a continuous basis. The platform as envisioned works by unifying shipment tracking on the Ethereum blocking, and using a sidechain to track individual encrypted geographic points across each smart contract.

ShipChain believes the innovative technology will allow the use of blockchain in supply chain management to be commonplace for all businesses, regardless of size, in part by not relying on exclusionary in-house specific blockchain systems.