New video system from Trimble geared toward small fleets

Updated Jun 20, 2019
Trimble 2-Channel DVR and New Mini-Cam-2019-06-19-10-58

ELD provider Trimble, formerly PeopleNet, has added an additional high-def video recorder option to its Video Intelligence product. The new recorders are aimed at the small fleet market, Trimble says. The two-camera set-up can record up to 72 hours of video and has two SD card slots for expandable storage.

The system has a small footprint and offers simple installation, the company says, and only takes about 10-15 minutes.

Trimble’s new system is a pared down version of its four-camera recording platform. Both systems provide event-triggered videos (tagged after events like hard braking, crashes and swerving), as well as on-demand videos clips, which can be transmitted via 4G/LTE network directly to fleets.