Owlcam brings the brains to dashcams with new trucking-focused offerings

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Owlcam, a startup dashcam provider founded by a former Apple engineer, has launched two new trucking-focused dashcam platforms aimed at owner-operators and fleets. The company announced the new systems last year at the Great American Trucking Show last week.

The Owlcam was designed to be a high-end camera option that, in addition to recording events like crashes, calls 911 in the event of crashes and alerts drivers to suspected vehicle break-ins. Video is available immediately to users and can be used to show crash investigators at roadside or later in other proceedings with insurers. The Owlcam includes dual HD interior and front-facing cameras.

Owlcam Pro App Verticle 2019 08 27 12 48LTE connectivity, which costs $99 a year, allows small fleets and owner-operators to see the location of their vehicles, see live real0time video from anywhere and receive alerts about accidents and break-ins.

The dashcam costs $349, and Owlcam says installation takes only minutes. The company uses the LTE connectivity and artificial intelligence to hone its functionality and to deploy updates.

The Owlcam Pro, aimed at the owner-operator and small fleet segment, supports up to seven vehicles that drive up to 100,000 miles a year. Video is managed via Owlcam’s app, which founder Andy Hodge says offers secure, private access to video records.

“If an accident involves a professional driver or business, the business is frequently found at fault, regardless of what actually happened. This results in drivers losing their jobs, businesses crippled by insurance costs and real people losing their livelihoods,” said Hodge, who founded the company last year. As a former Apple engineer, he was on the development team of the original iPod and the original iPhone.

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