Test driving Paccar’s new 11-liter engine

Updated Oct 16, 2015
The Paccar MX-11The Paccar MX-11

Paccar unveiled to the press last month its new MX-11 engine offering, and the engine was officially announced publicly Monday (Oct. 5).

Overdrive Equipment Editor got a chance to test drive the new engine near Paccar headquarters, video from which you can see below.

The engine is the second option in Paccar’s MX lineup, joining the MX-13. The MX-11 features several new design points that were not available when the MX-13 was on the drawing board. There are new, modularly-designed components, for example. A glimpse of the future can be seen in the MX-11 as well: The engine has been designed from the ground up to be quickly updated with new software and can be programmed to meet specific customer requirements.

Actual engine displacement is 10.8 liters, which works out to 355 to 430 horsepower options with torque ratings ranging from 1,250 to 1,550 pound feet. Paccar says the new MX-11 is 400 pounds lighter than comparably Cummins ISX12 or Paccar MX-13 engines and has a 1 million mile B10 life.

Click here to read more on the new MX-11 from Roberts’ report on Overdrive sister site CCJ.

Here’s video of Roberts’ test driving the engine in a Kenworth T880:

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