One hauler’s early Christmas at the truckstop


Trucker Jeremy Holley (pictured) blogs at, and his post from Wednesday, Dec. 22, was a gem of a story from “about five years ago,” he wrote, “something that I’ll never forget because itjeremyholley really made my day.” Several days before Christmas he and a driving partner were enjoying dinner in the Petro in Carnesville, Ga. When Holley made his way to the register to pay, though, the cashier told him it was all taken care of.

“At first I didn’t understand what she meant,” Holley wrote, “but she then said it was already paid. I looked at the manager, who was standing behind her, and she just shook her head.” On his way out, he found another driver who had the same thing happen. Seems someone was looking out for the haulers at that stop that night, making for one solid memory for Holley: “It was a small act of kindness but was greatly appreciated, and it won’t be forgotten by this truck driver.”

You can follow Holley on Twitter here.

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