Cast your final vote for the top trucking song of all time


You will recall I asked for top trucking song nominations oh a couple-few weeks back. Well, from said nominations, I took the top ten contenders, those with the most mentions, and have put together a final poll where you can cast your vote. That poll’s here. Vote!

And I know, I know, many clear contenders have been left out. KRVN trucking radio host Big Al Weekley alone lists more than 30 trucking songs among the all-time greats that aren’t included on this list. All the same, if you’re going to create a top-ten list, at some point you’ve got to get to that magic number. From your votes here, we’ll find out who comes out on top in the end. Look for the results in Overdrive‘s special 50th-anniversary issue, upcoming in September.

And as a special bonus to this post ,and not to unduly influence the voting or anything nefarious like that, here’s a vid you may remember from Watermelon Slim’s Nashville show last year, which begins with him singing one of our top song contenders out in the venue parking lot. That was a great show, I have to say.

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