Happy Thanksgiving!

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Updated Nov 27, 2013

Personally, I know I’ve got lots to be thankful for, but this is a trucking blog, isn’t it? In any case, if we can’t exactly be thankful for much this year — with the exception for the fact that I’d suspect the majority of you are still in fact in business, some I know well benefiting from a rise in rates over the year, particularly in flatbed, how about thankfulness for this image here, purportedly a German cabover/dry van combo with a holographic-like artfulness applied to the trailer. It was part of a blog reposted so many times over the past year that I’ve been unable to pinpoint its origins. In the interesting of sharing, then, of thankfulness, here we go.

Pow! (Click the image for six other pics via the soadhead.com site.) How long before we see such 3-D on U.S. dry vans? I don’t know. I suspect some of it may already be out there, though if you check out the other images you’ll well suspect this is just some trick of off-camera design, as do I. Keep an eye out, I’d guess.

And imagine the potential of your owner-operator biz logo popping from a trailer or, hey, that of an ad client. It is possible, at the least, to sell visible space on your trailer. Bryan Dax is proving it as we speak.

In short, enjoy the day, folks, whether you’re home with family or having a meal on the road. And tell me, what are you thankful for? Post in the comments here.

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